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He has this personal vow of, "Never go back to an ex" which I don't think she was aware of. It was here that things really did start turning to shit for them. She found out some girl called Jessica had a crush on him, got jealous and nearly ended their friendship right there because she thought he was going out with Jess, and even considered that their dating had started while they had still been going out.

This mindfucked the ESFP who was confused as to where she even got that idea from. Then, a week or so later, the INFJ asked him out, saying how "all our friends think we flirt and I don't think either of us are really over it and we're still young, who cares about all those other problems! Classic case of people seeming to think an ESFP is flirting when he was being genuinely friendly.

She started going out partying way more than she used to, and She always said how adamantly against drugs she was, but the minute he began touching them again she completely flipped her thoughts around. He lost a lot of respect for the INFJ after that night. Me and the ESFP both doubt that she even got high for a number of reasons, we think she claimed she was to get his attention, which she'd been lacking lately because he had moved on and had become disinterested. When she realised that things were well and truly over between them- that the ESFP had lost all interest and his feelings were gone- she attempted to make a huge statement about leaving his life.

She blocked him, me, and my boyfriend, which was absolutely pointless because my boyfriend hadn't even been friends with her on Facebook and had had absolutely nothing to do with her. I assume it was just because she knew he was a good friend of the ESFP too. The biggest problem for her seemed to be the disorganisation and her own jealousy.

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And he hated all the "stupid fucking mindgames" she would play. Sorry for the length man. ThatOne has it bang on. She's becoming borderline bunny boiler as she reads into every little nugget she thinks he tosses her way, when in reality he is being kind and friendly. I don't see a good outcome. My INFP friend is very emotionally passionate and it gets her into trouble as she jumps to conclusions constantly and is usually incorrect in her assumptions about people and situations. I think INFPs need more of a logical rational partner to help them get control and the rationals can likely more appreciate their romanticism.

ThatOne thanked this post. That is just sick Originally Posted by Thecain. Originally Posted by dulcinea. Not all ESFP guys are like that.

True, some are total douchebags, some act douchey, but if you get to know them, are really sweet, and some are not one bit douchey. I think it has a lot to do with upbringing and how their own experiences have shaped them, and how they evaluate things based on their own experience. My ex, would be about, eh, a 5 or my "douchebag" scale, which ranges from sweet guy to total Dbag he had things that he did and said which showed a lack of concern for other people's feelings, but, if you got to know him, he's really sweet and caring on the inside.

So 5 start out of 5 on douchebag scale, but on the inside very sweet guy. I was thinking INFJ girls are better than that. Yeah there is the kind-good guy entertainer I like too, almost inspirer, and there are the Justin Bieber-s who try to put you down from the first instance you meet them. Luckily I know their weak points now. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg StumbleUpon del. All times are GMT The time now is Information provided on the site is meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a health professional.

And I look at her and think damnit woman can you fucking slow down?! Because she talks so fast and jumps from one topic to the next that she'll ask me 3 questions successively really fast and by the time I give her the answer to the first she thinks it's the answer to the 3rd and doesn't understand. She has ADD and does drugs while I'm not the addictive type at allll. And I don't touch drugs. Her and her friends are heavy sensors while I consider myself a caring intellectual.

I'm down to have fun like her though but it's hard to always keep up with her. Oh and she considers so many people boring. Which really means she's probably too crazy lol.

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We still don't get each other. I read into things she says and she communicates horribly. So I end up trying to figure out what she "really" meant and she then thinks I read into things too much when in reality it's because she sucks at communicating. To go deeper than that it doesn't work.

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Sweetlikecinnamon and lily thanked this post. I have a good friend who's ESFP whose Se drives me nuts sometimes since I'm not really accustomed to it, seeing as how it's my least developed function. However, I wouldn't say that ESFPs are incapable of going 'deeper' in the usual kind of abstract thinking N's are typically known for. It's simply not as high up on the order of their cognitive functions. That being said, we've both engaged in meaningful conversations and had lots of fun times as well.

INFJ-ESFP Relationships & Compatibility: An Example from Television

Usually it works out since I help her on problems she's having with my insights and she draws me out of my shell. I'm used to spending time alone cooped up in my room and she absolutely can't stand it. Though I'd say the latter holds true for any kind of relationship between people, regardless of cognitive functions and what not. She can be rather serious. I think she thinks I'm sometimes too childlike and playful for my own good. I feel like we should have switched birth order I'm the eldest and she's the baby of the family..

INFJ-ESFP Relationships & Compatibility: An Example from Television

Arclight , Stephen , Annacy33 and 1 others thanked this post. Donovan , LotusBlossom , Reicheru and 8 others thanked this post. I love how people blatantly state as a fact that "ESFPs are no good for anything more than a superficial relationship", based on one or two persons they know. Both relationships are great. I love their thoughtfulness and their values. I think they like me for my positivity, humor and easy going attitude Note: That doesn't mean that I'm not serious about important things.

Zero11 , Finaille , LotusBlossom and 10 others thanked this post. Any type can get along with each other. It's the person, not the type. Arclight , Finaille , LotusBlossom and 11 others thanked this post. Originally Posted by eros5th.